If you love Supercell’s Clash Royale game, I know you are very familiar with the most strongest cards in the game. Clash Royale is a strategic game that is very addictive because of its awesome game mechanics and stunning graphics. It is also updated twice a month with new features and balance changes to the existing cards to make sure no card is imbalance through out the game.

Going back to the main topic which is all about the powerful cards. I’ll be starting on the most popular and commonly used card of all times, whatever arena you are is the solo pig push ‘Hog Rider’. This 4 elixir card can destroy your crown tower when left undefended. It has a strong attack damage, and it smash really quick not to mention its movement speed is also very fast and can leap through the river. This card becomes more powerful when combined with back-up cards such as the recently released bats, ice spirit, fire spirit, goblins, or spell cards such as freeze, log, zap, and arrows.

Next powerful card in my opinion is the Royale Giant, a sniper version of the Giant that packs a huge punch in your buildings/towers. Aside from the fact that it is very durable, it can snipe the tower from afar. Be sure you have some bruiser to counter this big pop else you will see how your tower taken away.

The third powerful solo card I knew was the elite barbs. Yeah they are really fast, powerful, and I can say a beast. They can be easily countered but be sure your counter cards can’t be easily countered as well. They used 6 elixirs by default, and you can easily defend using barbarians of the same level or 2-3 elixir cards such as goblin gang, skel army, guards. I have also tried defending using fire spirit and and skeletons and it you can definitely get a positive elixir trade from it.

The next powerful cards that I’ll be mentioning are actually a combo. As I believe only hog rider, royale giant, and elite barbs are the solo cards that is really troublesome in any arena level.

The first pair would be the loon-giant combo which is very powerful and effective strategy to take down the enemy’s tower. Just be sure you have back -up arrows or zap to defend on minion horde, skeleton army, and inferno tower which are the ultimate counter for this particular combo.

Another effective combo is ice golem and graveyard which would costs you 8 elixir but once executed properly can finish a tower in just a few seconds. The tank power of ice golem plus the swarm power of the skeletons can not only take down a tower but also perfect for counters for cards such as hog rider, elite barbs, and pekka.

If you love playing x-bow, then you can try this knight-xbow combo as well. This is very effective combo and I’ve been seeing players from 4k above trophies use maxed level x-bows which can deal a lot of damage to your towers as well as troops. Clash Royale is indeed a game for smart people, there are lot of possible combos you could use. I suggest you level-up all your cards to max level by saving up on gold, purchasing gems to boost your progress or if you don’t have the money, take the time to check forums, social media, and Youtube who have contest running to get resources for the game without the need to use your money in your pocket. Be sure to read on clash royale forums to get card deck ideas for specific arena. You can also watch replays from tv royale and I’m sure you will be a pro player in no time.