If you are going to ask me whether to buy a gaming console such as PlayStation 4, I would choose to build a gaming desktop computer instead from scratch, take not not gaming laptop or notebook. The reason for this is that desktop pc has a lot of room of improvements, to be specific what I mean is for future upgrades. Unlike when you buy a gaming console with specific configurations which can’t be upgraded except for the disk storage, while on the desktop – you will be able to upgrade all parts from the motherboard to support new series processors, and memory modules. Hard drives to solid state drives, and gaming peripherals from keyboard, mouse, headset, mousepad, and speakers. All of this can be replaced with ease.

If you are trying to shop for a good gaming desktop PC, I would suggest that you go visit your local store and mostly they will ask you some questions such as what particular are you planning to play with that system? what is your maximum budget for the pc build? and also they can suggest future equipments that you can purchase after they have assembled a gaming setup for you. As it tends your budget is limited, so for now you can just buy/used this components and later on upgrade to a much powerful alternatives, sounds easy right? yes it is!

Just a word of advice, I would start buying a system that is powered by at least 4 cores to make sure that your gaming experience will be smooth, then paired it with at least 8GB of memory, DDR4 is the latest at this point of writing. Then you can also purchase a 120GB SSD for the main drive to make sure your system is durable and your main OS is safe. Then you can just purchase another drive, let’s say 1TB of HDD for your games installation. Then a basic keyboard, mouse, and a simple LED monitor is enough for the mean time and you can upgrade this components with gaming profiles later when you have the budget.