Garena's MOBA - Arena of Valor

If you are an avid Mobile Legends gamer, I’m sure you already heard or seen the latest contender for mobile MOBA gaming? If yes then nice to see that you are updated with MOBA news, but if not then continue reading to know more about it’s worth mentioning contender.

You aware with Garena? yes the creator of popular MOBA games for desktop such as League of Legends, and Heroes of Newerth now under Frostburn studios. If you know them pretty well then I guess no need for further introduction with the company itself cause they also entered MOBA gaming for smartphone by developing their very own game called Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends have the same concept but had totally unique heroes and skills. To tell you honestly I haven’t played AOV until now because I’m still concentrating to increase my current rankings in Mobile Legends and I’m still completing all the heroes and trying to purchase the remaining skins that I haven’t bought. Well I really love the skins in ML that’s why I did a bunch of research of how I will be able to get all of these without breaking the bank account, luckily I’ve come across this Mobile Legends Diamond Generator site, where I can get free diamonds for Mobile Legends in exchange of completing an offer. Aside from that I was also able to get extra battle points that I can use to purchase heroes.

Anyway going back to AOV, I want to know your thoughts about this new awesome-looking MOBA game for our smartphones. Let me know if you have found out interesting features that is not available in Mobile Legends as these are the important factors that make mobile gaming exciting, imagine if all the games have almost the same ideas then you will no longer excited for the upcoming release because your mindset was fixated that they are all the same.

Arena of Valor is still like beta as this point of writing, and I’m sure there will be some huge announcements in the next couple of days or weeks regarding their plans or upcoming updates. Once I’ve completed my goals for ML, I’m going to jump straight while it’s hot. I’m getting excited each day because my friends in social media sites keep on posting their gameplay status and by looking on every heroes which are really awesome, it makes me feel that I should try it as soon as possible.