Talking about cheats, glitches and tricks in Nintendo is not really forbidden. I’ve been played a bunch of Nintendo games in the past and one thing is for sure that every one of the games released have these in common. I’m not sure if the game developers have accidentally made a mistake with the coding on those particular settings or it is like a mystery for the gamers to solve and unlock unknowingly?

The gamers who are are really smart are mostly the ones who unlocked these glitches accidentally then they will start posting these guides through various walkthroughs and tutorials sites for that specific game until majority of the players who loves to research about game hacks and cheats will be able to find this piece of information and try to their save games. Most of them will surely work, although it might affect your game progress or saved mode. Still lot will take the risk, specially if those glitches are really important and required to complete the game. One good example of game that has lots of glitches is the famous Pokemon game in Nintendo. There are some legendary pokemon that you can only catch by doing weird actions or patterns. Similar with the concept of catching moving pokemon that you can track via pokedex like the 3 legendary dogs suicune, raikou, and entei. There will come a time after following these pokemon they will suddenly stop moving. There are also other glitches on the previous version where you will be able to encounter a mew in lavender town in Red, Blue, and Yellow version by doing some odd moves or bypassing some characters. Imagine how people found these mysteries, or maybe they are part of the developer team for that specific game?

Now games in Nintendo can be easily purchase digitally without the need to buy physical game cartridge that tends to malfunction if kept in humid or not weather friendly part of your home. They have introduced the eshop where you can buy almost anything in the eshop store using their own digital currency called eshop cards or codes which can be purchased online or through game stores for aroung 50 bucks for the highest amount. Although you can also get one of these from online giveaways totally for free. Check this free eshop codes generator website to learn more about what I’m saying.  Using such generator sites will save your wallet from your addiction to these game purchase.