tricky mind game in smartphoneIf you love solving puzzles or answering logical questions then I would suggest you download this mind blowing game. This game is available for download for free in Android just search Tricky Test 2 game. This game is one of the best mind game I’ve ever played on mobile device, right now I’m stage 30+ of the game and I wasn’t able to complete as I don’t want to ask for solutions for levels that I can’t really solve. I just used clues every now and then, but again the clues are somewhat tricky as well and sometimes if your brain is not functioning properly you will not understand these clues.

Playing this game is so much fun and you don’t expect to use all the features of your smartphone such as shaking your phone, turning your phone upside down, pinching zoom in and zoom out, swiping left and right and sometimes you need to use all your fingers just to solve a specific level or stage.

I do really love answering logical questions that’s why when I see this game on the PlayStore I download it right away. If you are really serious on completing this game then I would suggest refrain from looking for answers in Google, just do you best and you can use clues by using coins and these coins can be easily replenish such as liking a solution after it was disclosed or explained and every 7-10 minutes as you play the game you can get free coins that you can use to ask for clues or even show the solution.

You start with 5 hearts or lives and every incorrect answer it will be deducted and once you have run out of lives you need to go back 3 stages or levels or either using coins to retry. I suggest getting 3 levels is a good choice to save coins when you need them the most. This game was downloaded more than 400,000 in the PlayStore and it has 4.8 average star ratings which means it is really fun to play. Get it now and start exercising your brain.